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Mera-Pnefal was the first company in Poland and one of the first in Europe manufacturing thermostatic heads. First designs of fluid sensors were created in the 1980’s on the basis of bellows produced for pneumatic control systems.

Thermostatic heads, thermostatic valves and other radiator’s equipment under Mera Term brand are designed and manufactured with accordance to tradition, strict quality requirements and high technological level.

Thanks to the modern shape of thermostatic heads and noble surface of Vario Term valves, they perfectly complement radiators of different manufacturers. Vario Term thermostatic heads and valves regulate radiator’s work and as a result reduce energy consumption, improve temperature comfort of rooms and certainly are an additional element decorating a radiator.


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Vario Term offers heads, thermostatic valves and other radiator equipment items and is one of the few native manufacturers and exporters of such solutions, especially exclusive fittings.

We divide our products into four basic categories. Among them, you can find both exclusive solutions and cheaper products, but still in an interesting design offer. The cheapest thermostatic or regulatory sets, without the color versions, is the Economy class. The level above includes sets with thermostatic valves equipped with presetting, with cheaper warheads, but without colors (Standard class).

For more demanding users who care about the color matching of the fittings to the radiator, the Elegant sets are designed, in which most valves have a set point. The highest category of Vario Term products are Exclusive sets. There is a full range of colors available for them along with the coating of structural varnishes, individual orders for unusual colors are also possible, e.g. gold, pink, green etc. They are the best quality products dedicated to the most expensive decorative radiators.

vario term history

The Vario Term range includes both single heads and thermostatic valves as well as entire sets. We also offer mounting accessories. These are couplings, extensions, rosettes and other parts painted in the color of the radiator or valve. Thanks to these accessories, you can hide the pipes, passages through the wall and other unsightly elements of connecting the radiator.

In addition to the fact that radiator accessories must be interesting in design and enable precise temperature control, it is also important to be safe. Therefore, when deciding on the choice of a given product, it is worth checking if it has the appropriate safety certificates and declarations of conformity. This is a very important aspect for us and that is why, in the interest of quality and safety of our products, we have obtained a positive opinion from the WSP Lab in Stuttgart.

Thanks to the positive results of laboratory tests, we await the approval of the European Technical Assessment certificate by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw. In addition, basic thermostatic products and sets have been tested at the Institute of Power Engineering in Radom. The designs of the Vario Term thermostatic heads are registered in the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market of OHIM as community designs and are protected.

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