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Vario Term derives from Mera-Pnefal which stood as a pioneer in Poland and among the early innovators in Europe to produce thermostatic heads. The initial fluid sensor concepts emerged in the 1980s, building upon bellows originally crafted for pneumatic control systems.

Under the Vario Term brand, we meticulously design and manufacture thermostatic heads, thermostatic valves, and various radiator accessories, upholding a legacy of tradition, stringent quality standards, and advanced technology.

The contemporary design of our thermostatic heads, coupled with the elegant finish of Vario Term valves, makes them a perfect match for radiators from diverse manufacturers. Vario Term thermostatic heads and valves effectively regulate radiator performance, thereby reducing energy consumption, enhancing room temperature comfort, and adding a touch of elegance to any radiator.


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Vario Term offers a comprehensive range of products, including thermostatic heads, thermostatic valves, and various radiator equipment items. We take pride in being one of the few domestic manufacturers and exporters specializing in these solutions, particularly in exclusive fittings.

Our product lineup is categorized into four main groups. Within these categories, you'll find a range of options, from exclusive offerings to more budget-friendly choices, all featuring intriguing designs.

  • The most economical options, lacking color variations, fall under the "Economy class," which includes basic thermostatic and regulatory sets.
  • Stepping up a level, we have the "Standard class" sets, which include thermostatic valves with presetting and more affordable heads, albeit without color options.
  • For discerning users who value color coordination with their radiators, we present the "Elegant sets." These sets often feature valves with preset points.
  • Our highest-tier products belong to the "Exclusive sets" category. These sets offer a full spectrum of colors and can be coated with special finishes. We even accept custom orders for unique colors, such as gold, pink, and green, making them the ideal choice for the most luxurious decorative radiators on the market.

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The Vario Term product range encompasses both individual heads and thermostatic valves, as well as comprehensive sets. Additionally, we offer a selection of installation accessories, including couplings, extensions, rosettes, and other components meticulously painted to match the color of the radiator or valve. These accessories serve the purpose of concealing unsightly elements like pipes and wall penetrations when connecting the radiator.

Apart from the necessity for radiator accessories to boast appealing designs and provide precise temperature control, safety is of paramount importance. Therefore, when considering a particular product, it's advisable to verify whether it holds the necessary safety certificates and conformity declarations. This aspect is of utmost significance to us, which is why we have garnered a favorable assessment from the WSP Lab in Stuttgart, underscoring our commitment to product quality and safety.

The positive outcomes of our laboratory tests pave the way for the anticipated approval of the European Technical Assessment certificate by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw. Moreover, our fundamental thermostatic products and sets have undergone testing at the Institute of Power Engineering in Radom. It's worth noting that the designs of Vario Term thermostatic heads have been registered with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market of OHIM as community designs, affording them legal protection.

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